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A Cluster of Questions

“Why would Jesus not reveal the Father to everyone? Hasn’t the Father been revealed to everyone? And what does Jesus mean when He says, ‘Priests and kings have longed to see and hear the things that you see and hear…?”  As I opened my inbox last Friday I found these inquires from Luke 10, posed […]

All Talk

Last evening Dink and I came to the section in the Pilgrim’s Progress where Christian and Faithful are temporarily greeted and accompanied by a fellow named Talkative. By first impression, Talkative seems to be just as the two godly pilgrims are, holding, with verbal eloquence, to Biblical truth. However, as the conversation between the travelers […]

The Abridged Christianity

Just a cursory glance at Acts 2:42-47 would convince most rational individuals of one abundantly clear fact: first century Christianity and most of twenty first century Christianity are two completely different things. In the first century men were converted and instantly, without being told to do so, sold out to Biblical teaching and Gospel, communal […]

10 Books Every Christian Should Read (Part 1)

The task to compile a concise list of the books that every Christian should read was certainly not an easy one. More than a time or two I have raked my mind, scanned my shelves, and waded through my history as a follower of Jesus, to call to mind those written works (in addition to […]

10 Books (Part 2)

5. The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer I read through the pages of Pursuit for the first time as a young teen, again in my college years, and a third time in 2010. Each time I was moved in very different, but equally profound ways. Tozer certainly channels the Psalmist who stated, “As the […]

Worship Gathering

Join us on Thursday nights at 6:45 PM or on Sunday mornings at 9:15 AM & 11 AM for our worship gatherings.

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The best way to get plugged in, Home Groups meet throughout the week in various local areas.

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Student Group

28 Student Group meets at BLDG 28 on Wednesday nights from 6:30 - 8:15.

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