Aaron Currin

Amen or A-woman?

For a reason I cannot explain (I only ever watched the film once), I vividly remember ardent Angels’ fan Roger Bomman gazing into the heavens and asking God for victory for his team on the baseball diamond. He concluded his prayer with the words: “Amen… (then with a shrug) or A-woman.” Watching as a middle …

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Did Jesus go to Hell?

This is a legit question and one that followers of Christ, based on the writings of Peter and the testimony of the Apostles’ Creed, have been asking for centuries. Did Jesus descend into hell? Was this descent between His death and resurrection? What did he accomplish in this time? The answer to this question is …

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Why is the Old Testament so Horrifically Violent?

This question isn’t new. Since I entered the realm of apologetics and theological studies in my late teens I have been confronted with it many times. Often the inquiry has been little more than an embittered accusation of cosmic barbarism. But recently, particularly as our church has gone through the book of Judges, the query …

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