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This week at BLDG 28 Kids

Unit 26: To the Cross

Key Passage:
Philippians 2:8

Big Picture Question:
What did Jesus do to save us?  Jesus lived a sinless life, died on the cross, and rose from the dead.

Session 4: Jesus was Arrested

Bible Passage:
Matthew 26-27

Story Point:
Jesus allowed His enemies to arrest Him.

Matthew 26-27

Jesus allowed His enemies to arrest Him.


Jesus came with His disciples to a garden called Gethsemane (geth SEM uh nih).  He said to them, “Sit here while I go over there and pray.”  Jesus took three of His disciples into the garden, and Jesus became very sad and troubled. Jesus told the three disciples to stay there, and He went a little farther.  Jesus fell facedown and prayed, “Father!  If it is possible, spare Me from this.  But I want to do Your plan.”
Jesus came back and found the three disciples asleep.  He asked Peter, “Couldn’t you stay awake with Me for one hour?”  Jesus went away and prayed a second time.  Then He found His disciples sleeping again.  He said, “Are your still asleep?  Get up, for it is almost time.  Someone is going to betray Me.”
Suddenly, Judas arrived with a large crowd carrying swords and clubs.  Judas kissed Jesus so the crowd would know which man was Jesus.  The men grabbed Jesus and arrested Him.  Peter pulled out his sword to fight the men,  but Jesus told Peter to put away his sword.  Jesus said, “Isn’t this what God planned all along?” Jesus’ followers ran away, but Peter stayed nearby to watch.
The men who arrested Jesus led Him to the house of Caiaphas, the high priest.  The religious leaders wanted a reason to kill Jesus, but they couldn’t find one.  The high priest asked, “Do You have anything to say?  Are you the Messiah, the Son of God?”
Jesus replied, “Yes, that’s right.”
The high priest said, “Ah ha!  He has spoken against God.” Caiaphas and the religious leaders did not want to believe that Jesus is God’s Son.  They said Jesus was lying, but Jesus was telling the truth!  The crowd said, “He deserves to die!”  They spit in Jesus’ face and hit Him.
A servant saw Peter and asked, “aren’t you one of Jesus disciples?” “No, I am not!” Peter said. Twice more as Peter watched what was happening to Jesus, someone asked him if he was a follower of Jesus.  Peter lied.  “No!” he said.  “I don’t even know Him!”
The next morning, the religious leaders decided how they would kill Jesus.  Then they took Him to Pilate, the governor.
Christ Connection: Jesus knew that His death was God’s plan to save people from sin.  Jesus’ friends turned against Him and He was arrested and put on trial, but Jesus followed His Father’s plan in order to bring salvation to the world.


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  1. What did Jesus pray in the garden?  (“Let this cup pass from me.  Yet not as I will, but as you will.” Matt. 26:39)
  2. Which disciple betrayed Jesus and how? (Judas, with a kiss; Matt. 26:47-49)
  3. How did Jesus respond when the high priest told Jesus to say if He is the Messiah? (Jesus agreed, Matt. 26:64)
  4. Why do you think Peter denied knowing Jesus? Guide kids to discuss the fear Peter surely felt.  If the religious leaders had arrested Jesus, what would stop them from also arresting and punishing Jesus’ followers?  Peter was focused on his own physical well-being and comfort, not on Jesus.
  5. When might we feel tempted to pretend we don’t know Jesus? Guide kids to discuss the pressure the world will put on them to disobey God.  Remind them that Satan is always working to convince people to worship things or people other than God.  It may feel easier or more comfortable to ignore Jesus, but we are called to boldly preach the gospel to all.
  6. What is something difficult or scary that God may ask you to do? Guide kids to think through situations they may face now or in the future.  Remind them that no matter what situations we face, we always have hope for the future.  Someday Jesus will return and destroy all evil, fixing the world for us to live with God forever.


  • Jesus went to a garden to pray.
  • People arrested Jesus, but He did nothing wrong.
  • Jesus said everything happened as God planned.
  • Jesus obeyed His Father’s plan no matter what.
  • Jesus died to rescue us.
  • What did Jesus do to save us?  Jesus lived a sinless life, died on the cross, and rose from the dead.

Prayer Time

1- Close your time in prayer, thanking God for what you have learned in your time together.
2- Encourage each family member to share one thing they are grateful to God for and one thing they would like to ask God for.
3- Take a few minutes to consider who else your family can pray for, especially those who do not know Jesus.


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