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BLDG 28 is merging…

I would like, for just a moment, to lay before you a picture. Imagine with me a military company, bedecked in weaponry and trained for battle. The force has a boldly declared objective and a clearly defined mission. Stretched before the company is a path that leads them ever forward as they march toward that objective, accomplishing the mission as ground is swallowed up under foot. To press forward is a must, for to cease marching and to set up house is to become more civilian and less solider. The path marched stretches on before them at times visible for miles on end, while at other times shrouded in fog or hidden by cliff. As the army treads through enemy territory attacks descend from multiple directions and by varying degrees. Wounds are mended, the vision reiterated, strength returns, and on they march – at times running, at times limping. Now imagine, as the road twists to the left, that this military force encounters an allied force. This incoming battalion shares the same objective, similar wounds, and though some strategies may differ, an identical mission. Both forces are under the commands and care of the same General who directs from afar. The officers of both forces come together and the decision is reached, through the guidance of that General, that the two armies can do more damage to the ambitions of the enemy and accomplish the mission in greater force together than apart. Theses two armies, renewed through camaraderie and united on mission, lift high the banners of their General and press forward to see peace established and evil abolished.

From nearly any vantage point this scenario is a win. Allied forces untied to roll back darkness and usher in light. And this script is unfolding currently at BLDG 28.

At BLDG 28 we believe that the church universal (stretched throughout time and rooted in eternity) is a mighty army, and that churches local are companies or battalions of this colossal, unstoppable army. At the helm of the big “C” Church is our general, King Jesus. He has established the objective before us (the rolling out of His kingdom), gifted us weaponry for battle (the truth of Scripture and the grace to engage), and called us to a mission (the declaration of His Gospel). The practical vision and mission of local churches will differ based upon context and calling, but every Jesus-following local congregation’s vision and mission should line up under the over-arching mandates of the King. Leaders of local churches should be reminded that their “army” is not at war with another pastor’s army, but rather that we march toward the same objective and strive for the same General. And at times, battalions and companies discover that with practical vision and mission aligned, more good can be accomplished through merging together, becoming one battalion rather than two, and then marching forward arm in arm.

This is where we find ourselves at present. For the past seven years BLDG 28 has been marching forward, to see the kingdom of Jesus roll out, the Gospel proclaimed, the church built up, and our cities renewed. During that time we have had several unofficial allies whom we have rallied around – particularly from a leadership perspective – to see this objective accomplished. One of those local congregations has been Grace Church of Dunedin, a church that has served in remarkable ways to see the city of Dunedin reshaped by the Gospel. Over the past six weeks our commitment to and affection for Grace Dunedin, and theirs to us at BLDG 28, has deepened. We share a very similar vision and mission as well as many of the same values including:

  1. A commitment to see new churches planted throughout the world and to serve/partner with church planters.
  2. A desire to care for, equip, and shepherd God’s people through a radical commitment to the Gospel of Jesus.
  3. A passion to see Dunedin, Countryside, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor and Clearwater renewed through intentional missional efforts.
  4. A resolve to contend for the unpolluted truth of Scripture while contextualizing to engage the culture present in Tampa Bay.

So with genuine excitement and eager anticipation BLDG 28 is thrilled to announce that our ally, Grace Church of Dunedin, will be merging with us to follow our General, make His name famous, equip His people, and reach the cities around us. As stated above, allies coming together to accomplish deeper Gospel renewal is a win. We are thrilled to welcome in our brothers and sisters from Grace Dunedin. We long to see them grow and thrive alongside of us here. We are truly stoked to see how God will continue to shatter the kingdom of darkness and roll out the kingdom of His Son in the months and years ahead.

Please be praying for all of us as we endeavor to faithfully follow our King. If you would like details about this merger or have additional questions please contact our church staff. To God be glory through His church.

Semper Reformanda

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