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Sep 13 2021

When “Do Good” Turns To No Good

I once tried to solve my problems with a blueberry muffin. Someone I love was struggling through sin and it made every bit of my being ...

Jul 7 2021

Say Yes To Spiritual Mothering

Her answer to my question rang over and over again in my mind. Sitting in a local coffee shop, I posed the question I've been peppering ...

Jan 21 2021

Interview with Missionary Erin King

The following is an interview blog penned by Erin King, one of our young ladies who was moved by God through her work abroad. Erin is ...

Jan 6 2021

Amen or A-woman?

For a reason I cannot explain (I only ever watched the film once), I vividly remember ardent Angels’ fan Roger Bomman gazing into the heavens and ...

Nov 10 2020

I Will Not Be Celebrating Thanksgiving this Year

“I will not be celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Quite simply, there is nothing in 2020 deserving of my gratitude.” So, honest confession - I haven’t heard ...

Sep 23 2020

A Brick from a Building: Overflow vs Online

“If I am gonna’ watch church in an overflow room I might as well just watch church from home…” It’s going to happen. The moment will ...

Apr 5 2020

Passion Week, Plague & the Plan of God

Today is Palm Sunday. Nearly 20 centuries ago Jesus, astride a colt, rode through the gates of Jerusalem. The people of the surrounding region laid before ...

Mar 12 2020

Did Jesus go to Hell?

This is a legit question and one that followers of Christ, based on the writings of Peter and the testimony of the Apostles’ Creed, have been ...

Feb 3 2020

Should We Sing Songs with unBiblical Theology?

“Should we listen to or sing the songs of bands with porous theology?” It’s a legitimate question and one that came to me, in similar form, ...