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Jan 6 2013

Shaped by Whom?

Each of us have people, places, things, and events that have changed and shaped our lives; for me, it is no different. So throughout 2013 I ...

Nov 18 2012

Does the Church carry more authority than the Bible?

A few months ago I received an email from one of our church members asking for my insight into the issue of Biblical authority versus the ...

Nov 1 2012

Are the 66 Truly Inspired?

This week I received an email from a young theologian in our church who has been dealing with a friend over the authenticity of Scripture. The ...

Oct 28 2012

Why pray if God has a plan?

A couple days ago I received an email from a friend of one of our college students. This friend is not currently a Christian but God ...

Oct 22 2012

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

This past week I received an email from an individual in our community asking why we as a church would celebrate a holiday like Halloween. Apparently ...

Sep 11 2012

Leadership within the Body

With all of this conversation about elders and deacons I believe it is important to lay out once more the Biblical role of deacons and elders ...

Oct 9 2011

Fundamentalist or Legalist…?

Much of the content of this blog was a reponse that I gave to one of the young ladies of BLDG 28. She had posed a ...

Jun 7 2011

Theology Matters… Why?

"It is no novelty, then that I am preaching; no new doctrine. I love to proclaim these strong old doctrines, that are called by nickname Calvinism, ...

Apr 28 2011

Member Mutiny

Im pretty sure my fists were clenched, my breathing was labored, and my upper teeth bit into my lower lip. I wanted to shout at the ...