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Sep 29 2019

The Deep Magic is Weakening

From my college days, as an immature and overly-zealous theologian, to the beginning of 2018, entrenched as the Teaching Pastor of BLDG 28, my favorite book ...

Jun 5 2019

Why is the Old Testament so Horrifically Violent?

This question isn’t new. Since I entered the realm of apologetics and theological studies in my late teens I have been confronted with it many times. ...

Apr 24 2019

The absurdity of God loving some people and not others

Frequently I receive questions from those seeking out truth. Last week I received the following query from a young pastor... "The one thing I cannot wrap ...

Jan 25 2019

Blessing or Barbarism? An Answer to the Issue of Abortion

I hope you’ll understand my reason for penning this post with the grit, brutality, and rank candor that I employ. While a sensitive issue, this is ...

Oct 21 2018

Halloween: Delightful or Diabolical?

It’s that time of year. Leaves falling, temperatures dropping (barely here in the sunshine state), football in full swing, and everything scented or flavored pumpkin. Tagging ...

Sep 2 2018

Why Thursday worship?

Leveled my direction numerous times since our leaders began openly chatting about our new weekend worship gathering this spring has been this inquiry: why Thursday worship? ...

Aug 1 2018

Why this Pastor Loves Atheists

Yes, I do in fact legitimately love atheists. In a culture that has produced and promoted many lies in the name or for the sake of ...

Jul 25 2018

When Love is Gone

“What do I do when love isn’t there?” The inquiry came from a young man who approached me after I had pulled the pin and chucked ...

Jun 22 2018

Seven Ways to Father Well

For the first couple years of being a dad my running mantra to other fathers was: “Here’s what I think…but then again I’ve been a father ...