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When “Do Good” Turns To No Good

By Hanna Fate I once tried to solve my problems with a blueberry muffin. Someone I love was struggling through sin and it made every bit of my being ache. So my solution? Bake some muffins, say some encouraging words and surely that would save them from a multitude of temptations. I am well aware […]

Say Yes To Spiritual Mothering

By Maggie Seibert Her answer to my question rang over and over again in my mind. Sitting in a local coffee shop, I posed the question I’ve been peppering my friends with over the beginning months of the pandemic. “Do you have anyone mentoring you?” I wasn’t surprised when her answer was no. Instead, my […]

Interview with Erin King

The following is an interview blog penned by Erin King, one of our young ladies who was moved by God through her work abroad. Erin is a covenant member of BLDG 28 Church and has been serving overseas for a little over a year. We are including this interview blog here because we believe the […]

Amen or A-woman?

For a reason I cannot explain (I only ever watched the film once), I vividly remember ardent Angels’ fan Roger Bomman gazing into the heavens and asking God for victory for his team on the baseball diamond. He concluded his prayer with the words: “Amen… (then with a shrug) or A-woman.” Watching as a middle […]

I Will Not Be Celebrating Thanksgiving this Year

“I will not be celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Quite simply, there is nothing in 2020 deserving of my gratitude.” So, honest confession – I haven’t heard anyone utter these exact words; but the myriad of negative denouncements I have heard stirred with more than a spoonful of myopic lament has led me to conclude that […]

A Brick from a Building: Is worship in an overflow room the same as worship online?

“If I am gonna’ watch church in an overflow room I might as well just watch church from home…” It’s going to happen. The moment will come, most likely this weekend, where someone – or perhaps multiple someones – utter just such a phrase. I get it. I understand. Truly, I do. But the logic […]

Passion Week, Plague & the Plan of God

Today is Palm Sunday. Nearly 20 centuries ago Jesus, astride a colt, rode through the gates of Jerusalem. The people of the surrounding region laid before Him palm branches and chanted the refrain: “Hosanna in the highest!” The branches were a sign of victory; the proclamation a petition for salvation. It was a celebratory and […]

Did Jesus go to Hell?

This is a legit question and one that followers of Christ, based on the writings of Peter and the testimony of the Apostles’ Creed, have been asking for centuries. Did Jesus descend into hell? Was this descent between His death and resurrection? What did he accomplish in this time? The answer to this question is […]

Should We Sing the Songs of Musicians with unBiblical Theology?

“Should we listen to or sing the songs of bands with porous theology?” It’s a legitimate question and one that came to me, in similar form, this past week. From the dancing Israelites on the eastern shore of the Red Sea in the fifteenth chapter of Exodus, I had drawn lessons on worship for the […]

The Deep Magic is Weakening

From my college days, as an immature and overly-zealous theologian, to the beginning of 2018, entrenched as the Teaching Pastor of BLDG 28, my favorite book of the Bible was Paul’s letter to the Romans. As an unabashedly Reformed fellow, how could it not be? But as the weight of betrayal and the darkness of […]

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