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Hide or Go Seek

Two Jehovah Witness gents knocked on the Currin door last Saturday morning. Baby Evie in tow, I strolled out our front door and began a conversation that I can with confidence say did not go well for them. That’s not because I’m some brilliant apologist, but rather because I had an unfair advantage – the […]

The Church is not you, it is we

“Hey Paul…I really know you think we should be in First Baptist Philippi tomorrow morning, but we have a chariot race we just gotta see…” Can you imagine how that conversation in the first century would have gone? Can you envision a recent or mature convert attempting to convince the apostle Paul, or Peter, or […]

Looking Up from a Hospital Room

The little ginger wrapped both hands around my phone, pulling it to my lap so that my eyes had to meet his. “Put your phone down, Daddy!” He exclaimed. “Watch Spurgeon!” We were just a couple days out from Evie’s heart surgery and I found myself swallowed up with projects and people vying for my […]

Burning Down The Shack?

“You’ve got to read this book!” exclaimed the young woman before me. “It has totally changed the way I see God.” The young woman had periodically been attending my student ministry in the fall of 2008. The book she held in her hand – in seemingly sacred awe – was The Shack. Throughout my ministry […]

Eternity over Ecstasy: A Lesson from Suffering

It was 2005. Baby blue flag draped around my shoulders, I anxiously bit my nails, and counted down the seconds as my Tarheels from North Carolina secured the National Championship. Pandemonium in my tiny apartment ensued. I behaved like a madman. Pouncing up and down on my couch, I screamed in delight, and even bolted […]

Personal Affliction vs Providential Affection

It’s almost midnight. As I type, my baby girl purrs peacefully on my chest. In just over six hours I will carry her down the corridor at All Children’s Hospital and watch a surgeon’s assistant cart her away. What will then follow will test my faith in deeper ways than I have ever been tested […]

An Impossible Ask

The very stylish gentlemen, sporting an impressive mustache shook his head from side to side: “What you stated this morning is impossible…” The look in his eyes and the crack of his voice were telling: this gent had been deeply wounded. It was Sunday morning, the 5th of February. I had just wrapped down Romans […]

Toys and Time

I tried to swallow but the massive lump in my throat refuse to give way. I blinked back emotions, and took a deep breath before glancing down at the enraptured face of my three year old. His eyes were locked on the TV, seemingly oblivious to the sadness that had descended upon his pops. The […]

Death to the Lone Ranger

With cap gun in hand and holster dangling from my waist, I’d tug the tall Stetson low over my eyes and slide into the saddle of my make-believe stallion. Before spurring my mount onward I would invariably turn to my invisible comrades, declare our next mission, and then wave them to my side as we […]

Hating and Making Resolutions

Mariah’s song mercifully ended, the ball dropped, and 2017 arrived. With the dawn of the new year came a slew of resolutions many of which have already been busted. I’ll admit, I’m one of those anarchists who refuse to make a list of resolutions. Most of what I am doing well I don’t need January […]

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