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Quit Asking for Forgiveness

“The glorious reality of justification means that I never again have to ask God for forgiveness!” The words had scarcely escaped my lips when I saw eyebrows raise, heads turn nervously to glance at neighbors, and more than a few folks become fidgety. Following both Sunday worship gatherings a short line formed to pepper me […]

Booted from God’s Family?

On random occasions, when my two and a half year old son – whom my wife and I adopted last year – acts out in his little not-so-cute depravity, I stoop down beside him, grab him by the arm, stare into his eyes, and utter these words: “If you don’t cut it out then I […]

Heart Defects & Lessons from the Sovereign

“Crazy. Busy. Stressed. Grateful.” These are the words that have fluttered from my lips over these past several weeks as caring and curious folks have peppered me with questions about how I am handling the impending arrival of my little girl. That she has a significant, genetic heart defect has been no mystery, but I […]

Learning to Kiss the Brutal Waves

One of my favorite fellas from a bygone era is the “Prince of Preachers” Charles Spurgeon. I realize that it can’t be much of a secret since I named by only boy after him. In my estimation – from reading a couple of biographies and tons of his sermons – Spurgeon was everything I would, […]

Lessons from an Edgy Puritan

When most folks hear the title “Puritan” they think of some Donald Sutherland-looking joker with buckled loafers, watered-down beer, a serious scowl, and a disdain for all things current. What does not flitter across the mind are words such as relevant, contextual, or edgy. But in reality some of the Puritans were downright (to borrow slang from […]

Changing the Mind of an Unchanging God?

Grappling with the perfect sovereignty of God and the flawed, albeit, legitimate responsibility of man can lead to heated arguments and a bottle of Ibuprofen. Isaiah 46:9-11 clearly states that the Sovereign not only knows all things, but has declared the end from the beginning, is charting the course of nations, and is turning the hearts of […]

Why Confessional?

“So…why confessional?” The twinkling eyes and ready smile revealed to me that the gent positing this query was asking not from an inner compulsion to bone-pick but from complete sincerity and curiosity. I settled back in my chair at Dunkin Donuts, took a sip of my steaming brew, and laid before the inquirer the answer. […]

Tis More Blessed to Give…

For almost five years I have been the primary teaching pastor at BLDG 28 Church. Over the course of those 58 months I have taught through the books of Galatians, Ruth, 1 John, 1 Peter, Esther, Acts, and now Romans. I have preached 212 different sermons – and that does not include the countless other […]

So, you think you can pastor…?

“So, I read up on this Reformed Theology thing…and I think I’m on board…” The friendly, goateed face smiled across a plate of half eaten scrambled eggs and toast as if seeking my approval. Inwardly I cringed. The amiable, Jesus loving fellow had applied for a pastoral position at BLDG 28 and this was my […]

The Absence of God in the Terror on Paris

“Hello?” “Aaron…” “Mom, is everything ok?” I could hear the tremors in my mom’s voice and knew that she was fighting through tears. “Everything is ok. They just found blockages in your dad’s arteries…” It was Thursday afternoon. For weeks leading up to my mom’s phone call my pop had felt tightness and racing in […]

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