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Hide or Go Seek

Two Jehovah Witness gents knocked on the Currin door last Saturday morning. Baby Evie in tow, I strolled out our front door and began a conversation that I can with confidence say did not go well for them. That’s not because I’m some brilliant apologist, but rather because I had an unfair advantage – the truth of historic, Biblical Christianity was on my side.

I informed them that my neighbors – whom they were about to encounter – were primarily non-religious, and that one of the beefs unbelievers have with the religious is that we cling to differing beliefs because we cannot agree on Biblical interpretation. I then offered to sit down with them so that together we could discuss why we interpret Scripture the way that we do, to which they graciously declined.

As they sauntered around our cul-de-sac I had to wonder how often Christians run in fear to hide when a JW steps onto their porch. This fear is legitimized by the reality that the JW is fully indoctrinated in his or her heresy whereas the average Christian has experienced the truth but doesn’t know it well enough to articulate or defend it. This sad reality stands as further evidence that believers haven’t prioritized Sunday worship, Bible study, catechesis, intentional Discipleship, or apologetics. It’s time that Christians stop running from the easiest of evangelistic opportunities – literally these folks are coming to your door smiling with a polluted version of the Bible in hand. Evangelism doesn’t get easier than that. It’s time to know the Word and speak it lovingly and boldly in the face of mistruths.

To my Christian friends –
Commit to your church. Dive into the word. Get discipled. Defend the historic faith delivered by Christ and His apostles to the saints. Too much is at stake to run and hide.

To my pastor friends –
Don’t water down the truth. Your people need to be equipped to defend, dish out, and remind themselves of the truth.

To my unsaved friends –
Sorry if you’ve been turned off by the non-commital ignorance of modern Christianity. I hope God will lead you to a believer that has not only experienced but knows and speaks the truth.

Semper Reformanda.

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