How I Love the Ladies

I begin with an apology. I will follow with an explanation. The apology goes out to all my lady friends – particularly those who I am privileged to pastor at BLDG 28. route distance calculator I’ll admit, I find myself, to some degree, stoically stand-offish and routinely reserved around many of you ladies. I give few hugs and even fewer compliments. My apology though is not necessarily for how I behave but rather if through that behavior I have floated to you a vibe of dislike or disinterest. My deportment stems from neither of these things.

The declarations have filtered down to me over the past several months: “some ladies don’t feel that you like them.” I’ve actually heard it more than a couple of times. If you are not bobbing in the “my-pastor-doesn’t-like-me” skiff then laugh this off and proceed. However, for any female that does feel this way about her pastor please allow me to explain.

I love each woman at BLDG 28. You are my sisters. Paul calls Timothy – and all men – to treat our sisters with purity (1 Tim 5:2). I would never endeavor to treat any sister in an unfriendly way; yet in my pursuit of caution and protection I may inadvertently come across this way from time to time. I hope you can understand my position. www.domain name search . I read the devastating stories of moral collapse. I am aware that these stories began with a tiny compromise. I realize that very few ladies are going to be drawn to this gangly, bearded fellow; but I am also aware that leaders are a magnet for neglected women and sinister indictments, and Satan would love nothing more than to stir unhealthy emotions that would create desires that cannot be righteously satisfied. I see the pitfalls and I am resolved to avoid them. Why am I so buttoned-up? It really is simple. My sincere desire is to protect the purity of the Gospel, safeguard the ministry that God has called me to, allow no room for reproach, build trust in the heart of my wife, strengthen the marriages of our church, lead no lady to think my intentions aren’t godly, and set an example to our young men of how a Jesus loving man treats his sisters. I respect and love each of you ladies too much to be anything but careful with my actions, decisions, and words. I cherish your respect as a pastor and your affection as a brother; but I never wish to even sniff the line of frivolous flirting or reasonable ridicule.

My charge to all you ladies, and my brothers, would be to remain ever mindful of these issues as well. The church – our church – is not impervious to infidelities, flirtations, unbridled emotions, and accusations (both false and true). For the sake of the Gospel, the glory of God, and the widespread good of others I will continually check my dealings with the fairer sex, striving to bless them, protect them, instruct them in truth, and treat them as sisters whom I love. I earnestly ask each of you, men and women, to do the same. Too much is at stake.

Soli Deo Gloria.