Clifton Strengths Finders

Learner, Analytical, Achiever, Relator, Command

Dashawn Cousins

Assistant Pastor of Education & Students

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Clifton Strengths Finders

Learner, Analytical, Achiever, Relator, Command

I grew up around the church through my grandmother, but never really felt a part of it. My understanding of God was distorted, and I believed that He and Satan were at war while we waited to see who the victor would be. Because of this wrong view I “feared” God but never submitted to him. By His grace after I spent my high school and college years pursuing every passion of my flesh, He slowly stripped away each of my idols and saved me.

After the Lord saved me, He introduced me to this amazing, beautiful, and encouraging woman that I now call my wife Brianna. God has used her greatly, especially to encourage me to pursue pastoral ministry and to break out of my introverted shell. By God’s grace we recently celebrated our 5th anniversary. He didn’t stop there with blessing me with wonderful women in my life, but rather in February of 2018 the Lord blessed Bri and I with our baby girl Eden.

In August of 2020 my family and I moved to Palm Harbor to be a part of Bldg 28 Church. We have loved the people, the environment, and the ability to be in full time ministry. We are excited to see all that the Lord will do during this residency in our family and here at Bldg 28.

Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life"

John 6:68


Fun Facts

  • I once scored 25 points against a NBA player

  • I think coffee taste like dirty water (this might get me excommunicated)

  • My two favorite meals to eat are Jamacian meals. They are saltfish with Ackee and Oxtail with rice and peas

  • I have watched every single Star War’s movie and TV show

  • My favorite sports teams are the Boston Celtics, New England Patriots, and the Boston Red Sox in that order