Are Altar Calls Biblical?


For close to two centuries, altar calls have been a mainstay across many branches of Christianity. Many people can trace the origins of their faith back to a moment when they heard the call to come forward and pray the sinner’s prayer. But are alter calls a good thing? Are there reasons we should use them or refrain from them?

This week, Dashawn, Aaron, and guest-host Adam Powers discuss:

  • [03:57] – What is the history of “the Altar Call in the Christian Church?”?
  • [16:24] – Does the fact that people legitimately came to faith during an altar call legitimize it?
  • [18:38] – What do people need to know to be saved?
  • [20:17] – Can altar calls have a redeeming value?
  • [27:37] – How can someone know if their faith is legitimate?
  • [36:18] – What is some advice for someone with this background or experience?

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