Are Christians Allowed a Coping Mechanism?


A bowl of ice cream or cracking open a cold one at the end of an arduous day sounds like a breath of fresh air to some. To others, it seems to be an irreligious crutch. As Christians, we know that Jesus is the lover of our souls and He satisfies us. But how much does Jesus truly fulfill our earthly bodies? How are we to enjoy the good gifts God has given us?

The phrase “coping mechanism” can elicit different responses and reactions. Today we peel back the layers of this question – are Christians allowed a coping mechanism?

This week, Peter, Aaron, and guest-hosts Adam Powers and Maggie Seibert discuss:

  • [02:23] – What would you define as a coping mechanism?
  • [06:36] – When would a coping mechanism become a problem for a Christian?
  • [09:11] – Does having a coping mechanism mean that you think “Jesus is not enough?”
  • [12::02] – What about alcohol? Are there any coping mechanisms that are inherently sinful?
  • [32:06] – Does the antinomian or legalist point of view play into this conversation at all?
  • [35:10] – Does the Bible support having a coping mechanism?

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