Biden & Beer: Season 01 Q&A


This week, Peter, Aaron, and guest-host Adam Powers answer listener questions from Out of Oz Season 01. If you have a question you’d like us to answer, send an email to info@bldg28.com.


  • What is the overall purpose of the podcast?
  • How do you select guests for the podcast?
  • How should Christians judge fellow believers?
  • How do we recognize real demonic influence?
  • I have a friend who did not leave their church well. Do I have a responsibility as a sister in Christ to call out their foolishness/sin?
  • What percentage of drinking Christians do you think might be regularly violating their conscience because of the amount of alcohol they consume in one sitting or the frequency of the drinking, and yet they don’t exhibit drunkenness and may not actually be drunk at all?
  • How can Christians be careful to avoid abusing alcohol?
  • Why doesn’t the church treat obesity as a bigger issue? Why does the southeast have a high obesity rate and at the same time have such a high church attendance rate?
  • Not a question but a statement: If you have to wrestle with the question of whether to support your friends or family when they find love, then something’s wrong with you, not them.
  • In the COVID 19 Vaccine episode it seems that most are promoting the vaccine to love people well, but aren’t wearing masks a way of loving people as well?
  • What’s the importance of having to sign an actual paper to be a covenant member?
  • Why bother with Harry Potter if there’s a ton of good Christian fantasy out there?
  • Would some of you guys on this panel have preferred Hilary Clinton? On a few exchanges, that’s kind of how it appeared.
  • Is intimacy ever a reason to separate?
  • On the dating episode what age is appropriate for dating? Since short engagements are better, does that mean dating only when in a responsible place for marriage?
  • How would you counsel someone who has never been intimate before marriage and then is super freaked out by intimacy once inside marriage?
  • Homeschool vs Public School: Is one right and the other wrong?

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