Can a Christian be Pro-Choice?


Some of the most substantial and hot-button issues currently raging in our culture are the overturning of Roe V. Wade in June of 2022, the matter of women’s health, and the right to have an abortion. As Christians, we recognize God values life and justice—which begs the question, can a Christian be pro-choice?

This week, Aaron, and guest-hosts Adam Powers, Dani Van Nortwick, and Adam Clark discuss:

  • [02:58] – What does pro-choice actually mean? Can a Christian be pro-choice but not pro-abortion?
  • [12:00] – How big of a problem is abortion today?
  • [26:47] – How should Christians respond to the claim that abortion is the only option in some situations?
  • [29:09] – Can a Christian be pro-life and still vote for pro-choice politicians/leaders?
  • [33:12] – How should pro-life Christians interact with and respond to pro-choice Christians?

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