Can Public Education Be Biblically Justified?


While it’s true that every Christian parent must be convinced in their conscience before the Lord about what is right and true and good, God has given us scripture and biblical principles to guide us.

With that in mind, what does the Bible, and the principles therein, say to us about how we should educate our children?

Can public school be biblically justified? And more than that, can a case be made that public school is a better option for Christians than private or home school?

This week, Aaron and guest-hosts Jason Haynor, Sara Haynor, and Danielle Felton discuss the public school debate, and whether or not it’s a good and wise option for Christian families.

“It has always been known by the intellectual elites in society that whoever controls the educational system controls the culture. They shape the culture through the educational system.” ~ Aaron Currin

“I don’t believe that any parent can sufficiently make up for the humanistic indoctrination that takes place in the public school system. Q Research reveals that the average Christian family spends less than 40 minutes discussing or reading the bible together every week. So we’re talking about 30 to 40 hours per week vs 40 minutes.” ~ Aaron Currin

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