Do Aliens Exist And, If So, Does This Affect Christianity?


The subject of aliens has lingered in the minds of Americans for many years. The fervor around unexplainable happenings has been reignited at different times due to “new findings” or leaked footage of UFOs. History.com has an interactive map where you can explore possible UFO sightings. And, at one point, the US Government launched a systematic study, Project Blue Book, where they spent time and resources researching the very question at hand today. As Christians, we may grapple with this question differently due to the nature of salvation and our belief that our God created all things. So today we ask the question, do you believe in aliens?

This week, Aaron, and guest-hosts Nate Currin, Adam Powers, and Dani Van Nortwick discuss:

  • [02:34] – Why are we having this conversation?
  • [04:31] – How would you define what aliens are? Any intelligent life outside of Earth?
  • [06:50] – What proof is there that aliens exist or don’t exist?
  • [11:28] – Why aren’t aliens mentioned in the Bible?
  • [15:12] – Is the spiritual realm an example of alien life?
  • [32:21] – How would it impact our faith if there was intelligent life somewhere besides Earth? How should Christians respond to claims of alien life?

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