Does the Bible Support Slavery?


It is evident in Scripture that certain activities are dishonorable and off-limits, including adultery, abuse, and murder. Yet, throughout the Bible we see God’s people having multiple wives, and instances of abuse and slavery. This causes skeptics and Christians alike to wonder how God could call something sin, yet still seem to permit it or even engage in it or ordain it himself. Does this show a contradiction or inconsistency? Are polygamy and slavery allowed in the Bible?

This week, Aaron, and guest-hosts Adam Powers and Dani Van Nortwick discuss:

  • [03:28] – What is polygamy?
  • [17:17] – Is polygamy adultery?
  • [18:21] – How was David “a man after God’s own heart” while living in the continual sin of polygamy?
  • [22:35] – What is slavery? Is there a difference between slavery in the Bible and modern slavery in the West?
  • [33:16] – How can some of our greatest theologians (George Whitfield, Jonathan Edwards, etc.) have owned slaves? How do we reconcile this?

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