How Can We Trust the Bible?


For centuries the Bible has come under almost constant assault. Scripture has been called antiquated, outdated, contradictory, irrelevant, harmful, and the accusations roll ever onward. Even within the realm of Christianity the infallibility and the authority of the Bible has been questioned or ridiculed. And all of this leads us to the ever-pressing and critically important question: can we really trust the Bible?

This week, Peter, Aaron, and guest-host Adam Powers discuss:

  • [05:06] – What is most important about the veracity of the Bible and how is it proven?
  • [15:21] – What are some external evidences and support for the veracity of the Bible?
  • [37:07] – The Bible is a book of prophecy.
  • [40:52] – What makes the Bible different from a lot of other religious books?

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