Is Double Predestination Biblical?


While Scripture is abundantly clear—though there remain humanistic and traditional naysayers—that unconditional election is true, uncertainty still swirls for many around the matter of “double predestination”.

Does God actively ordain unrepentant sinners for damnation, or is he more indirect with reprobation? To state it more plainly, does the Lord predestine sinners for damnation in the same way that he predestines Christians for salvation?

This week, Peter, Aaron, and guest-host Adam Powers discuss:

  • [03:14] – Why does this topic matter?
  • [07:29] – What does it mean to say that God “wills” something to occur?
  • [12:02] – What is double predestination?
  • [19:02] – Does God actively damn sinners to destruction?
  • [26:08] – Does God actively ordain sin to occur?
  • [30:00] – Does God actively place the sin nature in humanity, or is it the consequence of the fall?
  • [44:57] – What is the comfort, if any, in this doctrine?

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