Is It Sinful to Not Raise Hands in Corporate Worship?


As followers of Christ gather each weekend across the world, there are varied expressions and postures of worship. Some are stoically reserved while others are brazenly demonstrative.

For the conscientious Christian, though, the question that must legitimately be answered is, how should I respond to the Lord in corporate worship?

This week, Peter, Aaron, and guest-hosts Danie Taylor and Mike Trill discuss how Christians are called to respond to the Lord in corporate worship, how to prepare our hearts, what worship is, and whether or not churches in our day have lost the point of worship services in the first place.

“Worship is not primarily about us—it’s about the Lord. But secondarily I’m here for my brothers and sisters who need that encouragement, who need that catechesis, who need to be instructed in the Word and the gospel.” ~ Aaron Currin

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