Is Steven Furtick Going to Hell?


There are abundant ideas about God in mainstream Christian thought and life—some wildly unbiblical, while others remain anchored to Scripture. Preachers teach Sunday after Sunday and serve as a mouthpiece to explain the Bible to hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Take Steven Furtick for example. Elevation Church, where he teaches, has a weekly attendance of 27,408 people as recorded in 2021. Elevation also has 23 locations. If a pastor fails to explain what the Bible teaches, it can lead a church and its people astray. Is this a problem? The bigger question might be, with teaching false doctrine in mind, is Steven Furtick going to hell?

This week, Aaron, and guest-hosts Adam Powers, Dani Van Nortwick and Adam Clark discuss:

  • [02:28] – Why focus on Steven Furtick?
  • [11:54] – What do we mean when we say “soft gospel”?
  • [26:09] – How do we know when a church has bought into a soft gospel?
  • [34::49] – Why does the current generation seem so drawn to celebrity pastors and mega-churches?
  • [36:06] – How should we respond to friends and family who are caught up the prosperity gospel?
  • [40:50] – How do we guard against falling into the extremes on either side?
  • [46:04] – So, is Steven Furtick going to Hell?

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