Is the “He Gets Us” Campaign Worthy or Wicked?


He Gets Us is a new buzz-worthy campaign aimed at highlighting the humanity and relatability of Jesus. Right next to the organization’s name online, it states, “Radical Forgiveness & Love”, and there’s no mistake that these are the primary values they are conveying to the world about Jesus and Christianity. Since their recent Super Bowl commercials, the organization has caused immense applause and concern, so today we are asking, is “He Gets Us” worthy or wicked?

This week, Dani, Aaron, and guest-host Jon Robinson discuss:

  • [03:19] – Initial reactions to the ad campaign.
  • [05:45] – The commercials that have aired made statements such as “Jesus was a refugee”, “Jesus was canceled”, and “Jesus loved the people we hate”. What are your thoughts on these statements?
  • [16:58] – The He Gets Us ads seen during March Madness and The Super Bowl are part of their “100-million-dollar media investment”. What are your thoughts on the price of these ads?
  • [20:06] – Why Jesus “getting us” only matters if he is who he claimed to be.
  • [33:17] – How do we engage with movements like this?

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