Is There a Defense for the Christian Use of the Enneagram?


On the rise across much of the Christian landscape is the tool, personality typing system, or some would even say “worldview” known as the Enneagram. But the roots of the Enneagram are sketchy; its design is connected to the New Age movement, and the gospel-denying progressive church has adopted it as a mode of salvation. Therefore, the very legitimate question is posited before us: should Christians use the Enneagram?

This week, Peter, Aaron, and guest-host Mike Trill discuss:

  • [4:19] – Does the origin of the Enneagram and its potentially demonic roots disqualify it from biblical use and church use?
  • [13:11] – What other tools would you compare to the Enneagram?
  • [18:27] – Does the Enneagram fall into the category or Christian liberty?
  • [23:58] – Does the origin of the Enneagram make it different from other personality systems?
  • [27:08] – Does the Enneagram focus too much on self?
  • [34:03] – Where is the Enneagram at odds with or confirmed by Scripture?
  • [36:29] – Is the Enneagram redeemable, and why?
  • [42:05] – Is psychology or psychiatry a tool/aid Christians should use?
  • [46:08] – Does the Enneagram mix false religious views with Christianity, which can confuse Christians who study it?
  • [49:04] – Why should Christians use the Enneagram, and how can it be helpful in our spiritual walk?

“All truth is God’s truth.” ~ Aaron Currin

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