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Episode 002

How Should Christians Respond To the Election Results?

November 02, 2020

If anything is true of 2020, it’s that people are divided. Political elections always cause division. But for Christians, is the division and devastation a foregone conclusion? Regardless of our political affiliations, what is our responsibility toward each other as fellow believers and followers of Christ? 

For better or worse, how we respond to the results of this election (and the chaos of 2020 in general) will say something about us, what we value,  and the condition of our hearts. 

This week, Peter, Aaron, and guest hosts Dashawn Cousins and Scott Taylor look at how Christians should engage with and respond to politics in modern America.

“When we look at the election, are we seeking to unify the church? Are we seeing Jesus as king? Are we seeing him as sovereign and in control. How would Jesus respond if he were a 21st-century American? He would mourn over sin, he would mourn over the devastation. He prayed in John 17, at the end of his life, for the unity of the church, that his church would be unified, not around political policies and ideologies, but around the gospel, around him. That’s what I hope Christians will shoot for as the results come in.” ~ Aaron Currin 

'When we look at the election, are we seeking to unify the church? Are we seeing Jesus as king?' ~ Aaron CurrinClick To Tweet

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