Responding to Rhett’s Spiritual Deconstruction: Part 3

Rhett Episode 3 BOTH PIC

Deconstruction is on the rise throughout Christianity in our day; people who have started to pick apart beliefs they once held or a relationship with Christ they seemingly once had and now claim to not be Christians anymore. As believers, we need to know how to kindly, compassionately, and thoughtfully answer these questions not only for their souls but for our own as well.

In the final episode of this three-part series, Peter and Aaron respond to and discuss Rhett McLaughlin’s video Rhett’s Spiritual Deconstruction. Rhett, and his co-host Link, are the very popular media personalities behind Good Mythical Morning and Ear Biscuits. Both claim to be former Christians who have deconstructed and walked away from their faith.

This week, Peter and Aaron discuss four questions Rhett was always afraid to ask himself:

  • [03:22] – “If I don’t have to believe that God ordered his chosen people to slaughter men, women, and children by the thousands, then why would I?”
  • [09:51] – “If I don’t want to believe that every religious experience of every person that is not a Christian is ultimately illegitimate, then why would I?”
  • [13:56] – “If I don’t have to believe that anyone who doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus (i.e. the majority of people who have ever lived) are going to spend eternity being literally tortured in a fire, experiencing neverending pain and suffering, then why would I?”
  • [13:56] – “If I can somehow accept the idea that Hell exists because of God’s holiness, why would I believe in a God who would choose to create that particular world where people have no choice whether or not they’re going to born, but then once they are born, if they don’t adopt the correct understanding of God, he will punish them forever? Why believe in that God if I don’t have to?”



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