Season 02 Q&A


This week, Peter, Aaron, and guest-host Adam Powers answer listener questions from Out of Oz Season 02. If you have a question you’d like us to answer, send an email to info@bldg28.com.

  • [04:11] – What is your perspective as pastors and counselors on dating apps for Christians? Can we use them, and how should we use them?
  • [06:32] – Why are there so many professing believers, theologians, etc. who are leaving the faith? What is deconstruction? How should the church go about handling these issues (and is there a rise of deconstruction in the faith community)?
  • [12:39] – How can one truly know they are saved and that they are not deceiving themselves?
  • [16:33] – As a new Christian, how do you “stay in your lane” with walking in the faith? How do you not be influenced by unbelievers without being judgemental?
  • [21:33] – How should you evaluate your friend groups and the people with whom you spend the most time?
  • [23:15] – Why do we have a cross at Bldg 28 but not a crucifix, as well as no photos of Jesus anywhere in the church?
  • [28:39] – Is it ok for my wife to use messaging and Instagram to chat regularly with a married man who claims to be a believer?
  • [31:08] – Pastor Aaron mentioned that he thought Nero was the Revelation 13 beast from the sea – the Antichrist. Who would be the beast from the earth in that scenario? And how would that relate to the beast’s appearance in the final seven years described by Gabriel in Daniel?
  • [33:32] – How does our modern definition of modesty (how much skin is showing) differ from that in the bible (not dressing to show off wealth or beauty)? How should Christians react to fashion trends in their area?
  • [37:22] – Is masturbation a sin inside of our out of marriage?
  • [37:48] – How should Christian women react to the push to breastfeed anywhere, even in public?
  • [41:36] – Is it beneficial or hurtful to confess your sins to your spouse, rather than another brother or sister?
  • [42:06] – Is it unbiblical for the wife to be the breadwinner (e.g. stay-at-home dad)?
  • [44:28] – Is it unbiblical for the wife to be the spiritual leader?
  • [45:09] – The parenting episode was hosted by fathers of young children and didn’t give a perspective on parenting young adults. Will we have a future episode with a longer-term view of parenting?
  • [46:18] – Was the across-the-board “paedo-communion is heretical” comment said in jest or sincerity? Which historical and modern-day theologians were on each side of infant baptism?
  • [51:00] – In the vaccine episode, it was stated that Christians are biblically commanded to obey the governing authority over us unless that governing authority commands us to sin. How do we marry these two?
  • [52:02] – My whole life I’ve believed one thing – free will Arminianism. Where do I start with predestination?
  • [54:01] – Why is it fair that God chooses me and not my friend?
  • [55:40] – These guys say their authority is scripture alone. How has that worked out for you? How many different protestant denominations/interpretations are out there – every one of which thinks they have the “truth”? Belief in scripture alone as the final authority allows you to interpret scripture any way that suits you, allowing you to make God in your own image.
  • [58:26] – A catholic friend got angry when I suggested they listen to this episode. Were they justified?
  • [59:33] – Should the church have more of a role in pushing people to more holistic treatments?
  • [60:10] – How far do we take our disassociation with some of the mega-ministries that create music (co-authorship, collaboration, covers, etc.)?
  • [61:14] – What was your favorite episode of season 02?
  • [62:01] – What is what topic you want to do next season?

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