Should Christians Be Concerned With Artistic Beauty?


Why are truth and beauty set at odds with each other in the Christian community? It is human nature to be attracted to beautiful things, beautiful places, and beautiful people. It is part of the Imago Dei. As Christians, we know that God has wired us intricately and he has designed us to appreciate and desire beauty for a purpose. In Scripture, we have examples of gazing upon the beauty of the Lord, appreciating the wonder of creation, adoring the beauty of a spouse, and constructing extravagant temples for worship. How can we apply these biblical principles to modern Christian life? How much emphasis should Christians and churches place on the arts compared to other efforts? Should be concerned with artistic beauty?

This week, Dani, Aaron, and guest-host Nate Currin discuss:

  • [04:39] – Is the characteristic of God’s beauty as important as His other characteristics?
  • [15:23] – How is beauty in the church misunderstood? Is it shallow or superficial to care about?
  • [22:12] – Why do you think there’s so little focus on God’s beauty compared to His other attributes within the church?
  • [27:50] – How would you respond to people who don’t understand why a church needs designers or a creative team?
  • [30:11] – What does concern or appreciation for beauty as a Christian look like practically?

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