Should Christians Boycott Christmas?


Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” starts blaring in the department stores and men and women alike are pushing and shoving one another for the greatest deals. Amazon has been at your doorstep every day this week. Stockings are hung with care and matching pajamas are handed over with a smile. These are the sounds and sights of the Christmas season. For Christians, though, Christmas should be about celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, but is it really about that? What about the pagan roots that kicked off this Hallmark Holiday to begin with? Should Christians celebrate Christmas?

This week, Aaron and guest-hosts Adam Powers, Dani Van Nortwick, and Ryleigh Demarse discuss:

  • [03:07] – Was Christmas time really around the time of the birth of Jesus? If not, why do we celebrate then?
  • [04:00] – What are the pagan roots of Christmas? Where did it originate?
  • [10:42] – Is the consumerist mindset of Christmas reason enough to not celebrate the holiday?
  • [16:53] – Can Christians make family an idol during this time of year?
  • [19:48] – Is it wrong for Christian parents to let their kids believe that Santa Claus is real?
  • [25:20] – Is it a compromise to not have a church gathering on Christmas day?

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