Should Christians Redeem or Reject Culture?


Throughout Scripture we find multiple mandates for Christians to be “set apart” and to “not conform to the world”. Yet as we look throughout church history and compare it to our day, the interpretations of these mandates could not be more different. Some Christians believe there is nothing good to be found in the “secular” world and remove themselves from it, while others live in a way that cannot be distinguished from an unbeliever. And as the pressures of culture become increasingly more hostile, we are left with the question, should we redeem or reject culture?

This week, Dani, Aaron, and guest-host Adam Powers discuss:

  • [02:53] – How should we approach this question?
  • [07:01] – What examples do we have from Scripture about redeeming or rejecting culture?
  • [12:15] – Does it seem like more Christians/churches today are redeeming or rejecting culture?
  • [19:21] – Should Christians partner with non-Christians? And, if so, how?
  • [28:31] – How can we create a holy balance of living in the world but not living like it?

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