Should Christians Visit the Holy Land?


Throughout the centuries, Christians from all over the world have made the pilgrimage to Israel to experience the land where Jesus lived on Earth. It has been called an indescribable experience to see the locations of so many landmarks of our faith — the waters Jesus walked, the temple where he taught, and the tomb where he was buried. After returning from a 12-day journey in Israel, we will be sharing our thoughts with you and asking the question, should Christians visit the Holy Land?

This week, Dani, Aaron, and guest-hosts Ryleigh Demarse and Kristi Couchenour discuss:

  • [03:23] – What were your expectations for visiting Israel? Were you expecting it to be a life-changing trip?
  • [12:22] – What did you encounter in Israel that surprised you?
  • [26:15] – What location was the most impactful?
  • [34:11] – Would you say that visiting the Holy Land is essential for all Christians if they are able?

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