What Does the Bible Say about Gender?


“I’m a man, trapped in a woman’s body” has, in the past decade, become a statement of not only individual preference but of widespread scientific (in some circles) and social acceptance, the denial of which is now labeled by many as bigoted “hate speech.”

The transgender movement is dominating many spheres from politics, to women’s sports, to family dynamics, and beyond. With this issue rapidly building, the question we are faced with is: what does the Bible actually say about gender?

This week, Dashawn, Aaron, and guest-host Adam Powers discuss:

  • [03:21] – What are some terms to define and understand in order to discuss this topic?
  • [06:17] – Why is this such an important conversation for Christians to be prepared for?
  • [17:42] – How is “love” not the answer, but also in many ways THE answer when approaching this issue?
  • [27:03] – What does the Bible actually have to say about gender?
  • [38:58] – How should Christians address a friend, child, or fellow Christian who claims to be trangendered?

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