What is Hell?


An often controversial and almost always unsettling topic is this Biblical concept of hell. Throughout the centuries of Christendom, the doctrine of hell has been maligned, ridiculed, utilized to accomplish fear-driven evangelism, misunderstood, and even denied. But as believers who take seriously the Scriptures, the sincere question that we must answer is: “What is hell?”

This week, Dashawn, Aaron, and guest-host Adam Powers discuss:

  • [07:30] – Why is there so much consternation and division around this specific doctrine?
  • [13:02] – Are all the horrors related to hell as described in Scripture literal or allegorical?
  • [16:24] – How do the Scriptures describe hell?
  • [22:59] – Is hell justifiable?
  • [28:06] – Why is hell eternal?
  • [31:08] – Does God send people to hell, or do they choose to go there?
  • [40:55] – Is there danger in saying you believe in hell, but don’t like it?
  • [47:14] – How can we, as Bible proclaiming Christians, misuse the doctrine of hell?
  • [53:35] – What is the comfort, if any, in this doctrine?

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