What Is Sexually Permissible in Marriage?


There are few topics that divide Christian and secular culture more than sex. Mainstream media throws intimacy around casually while the church sits across the metaphorical room in utter, or even awkward, silence. With confusion swirling inside and outside the church, Christians may be wondering, what is sexually permissible in marriage?

This week, Aaron, and guest-hosts Adam Powers and Melissa Hale discuss:

  • [03:06] – Why are we having this conversation?
  • [06:55] – How has the church historically viewed sex and sexuality?
  • [09:41] – How does the secular culture influence the Christian’s view of sex?
  • [12:17] – What does the Bible say about intimacy?
  • [18:27] – What is sexually permissible in marriage?
  • [37:07] – What is off-limits, sexually, between husband and wife?
  • [33:37] – Is a women permitted to refuse her husband sex? Or can the husband refuse the wife?
  • [41:02] – How do you navigate a situation where one of the spouses is uncomfortable with a sexual request?
  • [45:50] – How would you encourage a Christian couple who is wading through the confusing waters of intimacy?
  • [48:02] – Is it ok to schedule sex?

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