What Is Your Advice for Young Christians?


Experiencing salvation is a moment or period of time that most of us remember vividly. It is usually a time of extreme love for Christ and passion for the Gospel. And yet, this incredible phase can also be filled with crippling doubts and questions regarding beliefs and the practicality of living as a new creation. So today we are taking ourselves back to when we were first redeemed, and unpacking the advice we wish we were given, and our advice for young Christians today.

This week, Dani, Aaron, and guest-host Adam Powers discuss:

  • [04:23] – What should young Christians do with the emotional high that often comes with becoming a Christian?
  • How can young Christians keep the love of Christ alive inside of them?
  • [12:06] – What advice would you give to young Christians struggling with the temptation to live the way they used to?
  • [26:58] – If you were going to give a young Christian one word of advice, what would it be?
  • [27:45] – Is the church really important for young Christians?
  • [31:38] – Is baptism really important for new Christians?
  • [33:55] – What books of the Bible (and what other Christian books) would you recommend for young Christians?

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