Which Is Biblical: Stay at Home Moms or Occupational Moms?


In the 19th century, women began working outside their homes in large numbers after centuries of being the primary home caregiver. Fast forward to today, women may receive smug looks from others if they confess they stay at home to home school or care for children, burdened by concerns like, “Don’t you want more for yourself?” and “What about your career?” Within the church, the roles may be reversed. People may question why a mother would prefer to chase a dream or work in her desired field. Which side is legit? Which is Biblical?

This week, Aaron, and guest-hosts Adam Powers, Dani Van Nortwick, and Melissa Hale discuss:

  • [02:57] – How would you define “occupational” vs “stay at home” mom?
  • [03:50] – Why are we asking this question? Why is this an issue?
  • [07:14] – Biblically, what should the priority of a mother be?
  • [12:29] – Is it biblical for the wife to be the breadwinner? What if the husband has the desire to stay home?
  • [24:54] – At what point should a mom consider coming home from her job to take care of the home and children? How do you know when it’s time?
  • [32:34] – Is it unbiblical to put your kids in daycare when the wife or husband has the ability and flexibility to stay home?
  • [38:06] – Is it biblical to expect women to have children right after marriage? Is it selfish to wait?
  • [40:44] – What if a Christian couple doesn’t want to have children? Or cannot?
  • [47:26] – What advice would you give to a couple looking to bring the wife home from the workforce? Or go back out into the workforce?
  • [51:45] – What encouragement can you give to working moms? What encouragement can you give to stay-at-home moms?

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