Why Do So Many People Hate Christians?


Across the centuries the popularity of Christianity has fluctuated, but it is only in modern times that the reputation of Christianity has so widely fallen under censure and hate. With the kingdom of God rolling forward on the proclamation of the Gospel, yet with the Gospel message increasingly becoming white noise, the critical question before us stands: why do so many people hate Christians?

This week, Peter, Aaron, and guest-host Adam Powers discuss:

  • [02:29] – What is the definition of “hate” that we are using?
  • [07:42] – What are some legitimate and illegitimate reasons for people hating Christ-followers?
  • [19:39] – The hypocrisy issue.
  • [23:20] – Should Christians push their beliefs on other people?
  • [31:17] – Are Christians narrow-minded?
  • [33:36] – What should Christians not do in striving to address this problem?
  • [38:39] – What should Christians do in response to this issue?

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