Why Does the Church So Easily Accept Certain Sins?


When you see someone commit sin or hear confession of sin, the degree of said sin can either raise eyebrows or roll eyes. If you hear someone is struggling with gossip, the odds are, you’re not shocked. But if your friend went on an all-night rager and got wasted, the odds are you pass judgment and have a check in your conscience. There are certain sins that are embedded, engrained, and normalized in American culture as we know it: gluttony, pride, and greed. What’s the difference between our varying levels of sin? Why does the church so easily accept certain sins?

This week, Aaron, and guest-hosts Adam Powers and Dani Van Nortwick discuss:

  • [03:00] – How do we define sin?
  • [12:35] – What are some examples of sins that are more easily accepted by the church?
  • [24:34] – There are different consequences to certain sins in society and the church, so shouldn’t there then be different levels of judgment?
  • [32:43] – How can we create a culture in our churches that isn’t so accepting of certain sins?

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