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The Megaphone of Irma…and the response of the church

The British writer and apologist C.S. Lewis once famously said: “Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” With his typical eloquence Lewis was simply declaring this reality: when suffering goes down, the world takes notice of how the church responds and, consequently, what the church is saying.

Hurricane Irma tore through our beloved state last weekend. Winds in excess of 140 mph ripped across counties bringing flood waters ashore. The storm dumped more than a foot of rain in some areas. And as the winds passed and the rain ceased, Floridians (and Georgians and Carolinians) crept from their homes to survey the damage. For some, like myself, the worst of the storm was temporary loss of power, a plethora of downed branches, and very minimal home damage. For countless others, the storm brought disaster. Home were flooded. Roofs were stripped away. Lives were turned upside down.

Now, as our state begins to rebuild, we remember the quote by Lewis, and armed with tool belts and Gospel intentionality, we look for ways to serve. Fortunately, even before Irma, the Lord had led BLDG 28 to serve with local ministries and connect in partnership with the Acts 29 Network. Therefore, over the past 72 hours, multiple conversations have been had and headway has been made. We are stoked about the doors God has opened for our church and look forward to seeing how He will use this pain in our state to showcase His Gospel and goodness.

If you are a member of BLDG 28 and have an immediate need, please let one of our staff members know! For now, here are the ways in which BLDG 28 will be serving our community and our state in the upcoming weeks:

Acts 29 Support:

If you would like to give to help those – specifically within Acts 29 churches – who lost a great deal more than we did during this storm, please check out and follow the directions in the Acts 29 video posted on our church Facebook page.

The Sheriff’s Youth Ranch: 

Like many of us, the Youth Ranch – the home of more than 25 foster children – endured collapsed trees and fallen branches during the storm. We have offered to come along side of them to serve in the cleaning of their campus which will take place sometime in the next week. Details will be sent through email when this service project is scheduled.

High Point Community:

We are talking with the leaders of the YMCA in High Point – a community that we serve monthly – to find out how we can assist and bring aid to these families in the upcoming days.

Summit Church Fort Myers & Naples:

One of our sister congregations, Summit Church – which has campuses in Fort Myers and Naples – suffered a great deal more than we did during this storm. We are actively conversing with their pastors to find out when we could bring a team down to serve these cities and this church. We will be releasing more details as they become available.

Local Family in dire need: 

While on call back during the hurricane, Mike Jones – a local firefighter and good friend of one of our covenant members, Jason Haynor – received a call that his home had caught fire. While Mike’s wife and three children escaped the blaze, the home and all of their possessions were destroyed. A Go Fund Me campaign has been established in the wake of this tragedy (which can be found on our BLDG 28 Facebook page) and we will be collecting households items and clothing for this family on Sunday, September 24. Please be watching for more details!

As always, thanks for being such a faithfully loving and serving church. You continue to represent Jesus well to the Bay Area and this pastor is incredibly humbled and grateful for your service.

Semper Reformanda.

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