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The Young, Rebellious, Reformed

They are everywhere. Slithering through churches, guising immaturity with theological profundity this crowd, if left unchecked and undiscipled, can suck the very life-blood out of a church. Among them is an obvious love for Scripture speaking of predestination but an abandonment of Scripture that speaks to obeying authority or evangelization. Woven into their callous Calvinism is the desire to showcase knowledge and win arguments while caring little for the true spiritual well-being of the church. I call this troupe the “Young, Rebellious, Reformed.”

Now I know that is a bit misleading. All of these life-suckers are not young or reformed. We have some middle aged and older folks throughout Christendom that simply love to wage war, splicing and dicing the church with their lack-of-love, agenda-driven theologica. I just see this mentality most prevalent among the younger generation – young men in particular. Neither is this entire throng made up of Reformers. John Calvin was one of the most brilliant theologians in the history of Christianity and his teachings deeply influenced the Puritan era and ripple into modernity. I openly claim to be Reformed and embrace all the tenets established and fought for at the Synod of Dort. Reformed Theology is not the culprit here. Reformed Theology is not producing the arrogant, self absorbed, church bashing, authority rejecting “Christian” cronies that are sweeping in and out of churches across America. But even a beautiful systematic like Reformed soteriology in the hands of a fool can produce mass devastation. As I posted on twitter a couple of weeks ago, one of the most dangerous things in evangelicalism is arrogance, an agenda, and a Bible. We are witnessing the theoretical danger take practical shape.

Now just to be fair, at one point in time I was that “cage-staged” theology spitting anarchist. I brazenly claimed to have all the answers and dished my poison to others, undermining and sadly crippling those within the church. I was so blinded by my own conceit that my heart was veiled to the damage I was inflicting on my soul and the souls of others. Let me be very clear: I was in sin. There is no beat-around-the-bush justification for sedition, an unwillingness to submit to godly authority, insurrection, and twisting theology which should beautifully unite the church into a means to divide. As I write this I am saddened by the reality that due to the pervasive arrogance in our culture and churches those who really need to hear this either will refuse to read it, or will, in reading it, brush it off as applying to someone else.

So, I pen these words primarily as a warning to the church – to BLDG 28 in particular but to all Christian friends in general. I ardently desire to see our church, and all other Jesus loving, Gospel clutching churches, roar forward, undistracted and without corruption, to herald Christ to our cities. I warn each of you to watch out for the “young, rebellious, Reformed” guy or gal who endeavor to push their agenda yet fail to make disciples. They do not truly care for your soul. Their words are venom and produce cancer. Be on guard, church.

And to those insurrections who God is His kind providence has led to read this writ, I would plead with you to come back into the fold, to care about the church, to love Jesus – and in loving Jesus, to love what He loves – and to truly seek the advancement of His kingdom. I love you, but as an under shepherd I will not, if I am able, allow you to breed corruption throughout the church. If need be, I will strive to protect the sheep and in doing so will put proverbial bullets in you, the wolves. I beg all who are reading to hear my words and check themselves.

For His name, His glory, and His church.

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