A Gospel Centered Church Community

Bldg 28 is a Clearwater, Florida based authentic, Gospel-centered church community rooted in the vintage, Christian faith while reaching into the ever-changing culture. Worship Gatherings are Sunday Mornings at 9:15 and 11:15 AM and Thursday evenings at 6:45 PM.

A community of believers in Jesus Christ

Bldg 28 is a community of believers in Jesus Christ, striving to think Biblically and live on mission in our city for the glory of God. We are a non-denominational church holding to the historic Christian faith as revealed through Scripture.

Our worship gatherings are designed to accurately and passionately teach the truth of Scripture, providing believers the opportunity to connect with other followers of Jesus and join together in authentic worship through the singing of songs, the preaching of the Word, and corporate prayer.

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Current Sermon Series

The Sacred Scandal

When was a time where you felt moved by the love of God? Join us as Pastor Aaron unpacks this in our new sermon series on Hosea.

Upcoming Events

Hymn Night

Kick off the summer season with a Night of Worship, singing modern and old hymns in the Student Wing on June 5th. Child care for 6 and under.


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We've launched our new logo and branding including new apparel for each church ministry. Check it all out in our online store! 

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Stay up to date with both church news and cultural topics as the pastors and staff at Bldg 28 give you relevant and biblical insight here.
From the Pastor's Blog
From Pastor Aaron's Blog

Hope Breaks through the Storm

The tide continues to churn. The waves pound in relentless fury. The clouds billow across the darkened sky as rain descends in windswept turbulence. The undercurrent pulls ever outward, ever downward. The feet scuffle to find earth beneath the sea. Legs quiver with fire as the struggle to tread water intensifies with each passing moment. 

Bldg 28 News & Articles
Bldg 28 News & Articles

When “Do Good” Turns To No Good

I once tried to solve my problems with a blueberry muffin. Someone I love was struggling through sin and it made every bit of my being ache. So my solution? Bake some muffins, say some encouraging words and surely that would save them from a multitude of temptations. I am well aware that sounds utterly foolish; however, I am convinced this is the mannerism in which many of us secretly operate.